Friday, August 14, 2009

House Numbers

If you've read through my blog posts, you know that I love painting custom orders. A while ago, I wanted to paint something for our family and after lots of thoughts, decided to try a house number. I painted a few with numbers but wasn't quite sure about the look. Then it dawned on me to use words for the numbers and I'm happy to say, that I really liked the outcome! Since painting our house numbers (there's a photo on my website), I'm so lucky that others have ordered house numbers as well.
They're especially fun when there are zeros in the number and they can be painted with "oh"! They're interesting when you can hang them in a window above your door and have a word painted on the flip side! 'Salut!' is painted on the other side of this image, with 'good-bye' on the other side of mine! All signs for the outside are treated with Krylon UV so they'll last a really long time...let me know about your house number!

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