Saturday, November 27, 2010


Clearly in this photo- my kitchen is, well, not really there. I've been working in my new little place whenever I can and the kitchen demolition/renovation is taking much longer than I thought but I sure am learning a lot. I had hoped to be back in the studio by the first of December but without a functioning kitchen, it's a little difficult to stop to sit down and paint (although sometimes I really want to!) I was showing a friend some sign photos last night and realized even more how much I'm missing painting Sunnygirl Signs. So I'm working and hoping that I will finish- sometime soon-  My goal now I think, is to be ready for the Fox School show in May- if it's before then I'll certainly write. and I'll write more along the way anyway just so you know I'm still around. Really BIG thank you for your patience and understanding-  xxx
p.s. I'm planning on returning to Ashland Coffee and Tea as well but for now, Shelley Whittington has some beautiful paintings there-

Sunnygirl Sign-done and ready to mail!


Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope to paint for you sometime really soon!