Thursday, March 7, 2013


Since it seems I'm venturing into some new creative territory, (and maybe going back to sign painting when the time is right) I thought it might be a good idea to share some things I've made on tumblr. I'm exploring and getting to know it so it's a bit um, plain? sparse? bare? at the moment but if you're curious, check it out:
Hope you like it and thank you!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

hi again- it's been far too long

I suppose I could spend time here writing on and on about the crazy world and why I haven't been in the studio, blah, blah, blah but I think I'll skip that and attempt to summarize my thoughts this morning (which is quite difficult for me)-

1. I have a new studio and there it is!
2. Missing painting like you wouldn't believe!!

Not bad! ha! So, really just wanted to write a little since it seems as though Sunnygirl Signs is long gone when looking at this blog. I'm musing on starting a new blog for this new chapter- if so, I'll leave directions.
x  elizabeth
p.s. When clicking around on several links here, I'm realizing that I have some updating to do- thanks for understanding- If you have a question, please let me know!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Clearly in this photo- my kitchen is, well, not really there. I've been working in my new little place whenever I can and the kitchen demolition/renovation is taking much longer than I thought but I sure am learning a lot. I had hoped to be back in the studio by the first of December but without a functioning kitchen, it's a little difficult to stop to sit down and paint (although sometimes I really want to!) I was showing a friend some sign photos last night and realized even more how much I'm missing painting Sunnygirl Signs. So I'm working and hoping that I will finish- sometime soon-  My goal now I think, is to be ready for the Fox School show in May- if it's before then I'll certainly write. and I'll write more along the way anyway just so you know I'm still around. Really BIG thank you for your patience and understanding-  xxx
p.s. I'm planning on returning to Ashland Coffee and Tea as well but for now, Shelley Whittington has some beautiful paintings there-

Friday, August 6, 2010

longing and hoping

As you can see by the time of this post, things continue to be hectic, busy, boxed, but wonderful, refreshing and coming together all at the same time.  The photo here is of the front door to my new building- it also symbolizes new beginnings and a new life!  I have spent the last couple of months moving from my small town and a very big house, back to the big city to a very small house!  It has taken more time that I could've imagined- it seems it's been quite the year for that.  However, it means that I haven't painted in months- I miss it terribly and as I unpack the boxes with my brushes and paints and store my wood lovingly down in the basement storage, I realize how much I am ready to work again.
So, thank you for your patience and understanding.
I will be back in the studio just as soon as I can!

Monday, June 7, 2010

wishing for the studio

Wishing for the studio-yes, absolutely.  As you can see by the date of my last post, I unfortunately haven't  been painting for some time now-the photo posted here are two signs- in progress and so, I suppose that's the place I'm in as well.
I've had to take a break from painting for a little while and in fact, missed two favorite spring art shows. I'm moving from Ashland and as you can imagine, things have been incredibly busy BUT, I will be back in the studio again-I'm hoping by August.  I still have a couple of special orders to complete but until then, I won't be taking requests as I will be packing, moving, renovating, decorating and hopefully sleeping just a little!  You're welcome to order if you like but it may be a while.  Just wanted to share.  Thanks to all of my very favorite and patient customers. oxoxox

Sunnygirl Sign-done and ready to mail!


Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope to paint for you sometime really soon!